5 Things Every Introvert Should Do This Week

Being an introvert isn’t easy. Your shell is so cozy and warm – why leave? You deserve to be the best version of yourself, that’s why! This week, take a small step outside your comfort zone.

Introvert Exercises

1. Take a break from planning.

Predictability is really nice. There is nothing more comfortable than knowing exactly what you’re getting into. You may like surprises, but only when they’re wrapped in paper and a bow.  Take a small break from planning this week. I’m talking low-risk decisions here. Try going out to eat without a destination in mind. Want to go a little bolder? Take a weekend trip without booking a hotel beforehand (stumble upon a new place!). Some of the best experiences you’ll have in life are unplanned.

2. Do that one thing that sounds like an awful time.

Maybe a close friend wants to take you to karaoke and the thought of it makes you break into a cold sweat. It could be something less stressful, like trivia night or the screening of a new movie. You don’t know if something will be awful unless you try it at least once. Do one of those dreaded activities you’ve relentlessly said “no” to.

3. Have a selfless discussion.

People love to talk, and introverts are the best listeners. Next time you find yourself engaged in conversation, put your own opinions and values on the back burner for a few minutes. Eliminate the word “I” from your vocabulary for the duration of the interaction. It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds, but it’s a fun challenge. It’s surprising what you can learn about another person when the conversation is all about them.

4. Take your observations to the next level.

Introverts love to people-watch, but try going a little further. Not only observe what others are doing but ask questions to yourself. Why did they choose that outfit? What do they seem excited about? Let your mind wander to the craziest of places. People will definitely wonder what you’re smiling about.

5.Respect your introversion.

No matter what, always leave time for introspection. You need to refuel and refresh before embracing the outside world. You have so much to offer, but the world doesn’t need to see it all at once. Keep being awesome, introvert.


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