Here’s What An Online Personality Test Can Teach You


While I initially took the Jung personality test as a fun experiment, I found it to be an extremely useful tool in my personal development. Skeptics rest assured. Personality typing doesn’t have to be a rigid box you’re thrown into. It’s not a horoscope or a fortune. It’s simply a fun and useful guide for understanding ourselves.

There are lots of different tests floating around the web, but I recommend the Jung + Enneagram test on Its 102 questions (not as bad as it sounds), and very thorough. There is a shorter version if you can’t stand the thought of 102 questions. I found personality typing to be a valuable stepping stone in my own personal growth. I would encourage anyone to give the test a go! Here’s why:

1.   It will shed light on your weaknesses—so you can work on them.

Every personality has a dark side, it’s in our nature. I always knew I was an idealist, but I never considered the negative implications of this trait. I learned how excessive daydreaming was actually hindering my productivity. While it’s difficult to have our weaknesses spelled out in front of us, it can also be eye-opening. It’s important to work on being the best version of ourselves.

2.   It will shed light on your strengths—so you can embrace them.

Being the best version of yourself doesn’t mean just working on your weaknesses. You need to develop and nurture your strengths as well! When I learned the specifics of my personality type, I felt like it was easier to align my strengths and focus on creativity.

3.   It will help you find “your people”.

The personality typing community is huge. After learning about personality typing, I spent a long time browsing the various subreddits and forums. It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals and join a community. It’s a lot of fun to embrace your traits and quirks with people that understand. If you’re looking for a place to start, try Reddit! (Just search for your 4 letter personality type code.)

4.   It’s a great tool for understanding other people.

We’re all unique, multi-faceted individuals. After researching my own type, I spent time learning about the other personalities. As a result, my perspective bloomed. The more you understand others, the easier it becomes to communicate. Appreciating and accepting the values of others really helped me grow as a person.

In Conclusion: It’s all in good fun! Take the test with an open mind. Have your loved one take it and compare results. Learn how your personality type meshes with others.

What’s your personality type? Tell me in the comments below!

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