Bedtime Meditations To Fall Asleep Fast

Guided meditations are a free, simple, and effective way to deeply relax before bedtime. I’ve sifted through dozens of guided meditations and always find myself coming back to the same ones. Here are some of my favorites. Slip into your coziest pajamas, turn off the lights, and get ready to relax!


Jason Stephenson – Floating amongst the stars

Available on Youtube and Spotify
This is a cosmic journey guaranteed to help you drift off into a sound slumber. Jason paints imaginative pictures with his words, helping you escape the residue of the daily grind. Forget work for an hour, forget your responsibilities, and float amongst the stars.

Michael Sealy – Detachment from over-thinking

Available on Youtube
This is a great guided meditation if the anxieties of your day keep you up at night. Michael guides you through a deep hypnosis to help you forget your stresses. Relax, let go, and sleep deep!

The Honest Guys – Deep blissful sleep

Available on Youtube
Just as the title suggests, this meditation will promote a deep, blissful sleep. A little shorter than the others, but just as effective. Combined with peaceful sounds, this guided meditation is a no-frills kind of relaxtion.

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